“Knob Hill manages to stand apart from the world around it. Designed by touring pro Mark McCumber, the layout takes advantage of the natural topography and offers a variety of golf settings that are simple but challenging. And even with homes bordering some fairways, the course inspires an uncommon sense of peace as you play your round … in keeping with the genuine feel of its design, Knob Hill doesn’t put on airs. The course invites you to lose yourself in your game, without fawning or trying to bowl you over with gimmickry. In that way, too, it stands apart.”
New Jersey Monthly

“In a state with golf courses popping up everywhere, Knob Hill Golf Club is seeking to stand out in a growing crowd. And it’s well on it’s way to doing so. Designed by PGA Tour veteran Mark McCumber, this newly built course has all the makings of one of New Jersey’s finest… courses. Visually, McCumber has designed a winner. Carved out of 145 heavily wooded acres along Route 33, it has all the sights you’d want in a golf course. There are striking approach shots to wide and wavy bunkers on either side and fronting greens, man-made and natural lakes that pop up throughout the course, and the immensely beautiful Gaitway Farm across Route 33.”
Asbury Park Press

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